Answers to questions !


Here we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions. We hope that it will make it easier for you to place orders, prepare files - and it will improve our work so that we can send you parcels as soon as possible :)



1. We only accept orders via the internet system.

2. It is not possible to place orders by e-mail or by phone.

3. We accept orders for execution after the payment is credited. In the case of a transfer, it takes approximately one day.

Unfortunately, we do not execute orders based on the confirmation of the transfer - payments are handled by a person other than packing parcels, and our system is arranged in such a way that after the payment is credited, the order is released for processing.

4. You can pay for orders by paypal, credit card, online transfer, apple pay etc.

5. Please write any comments regarding the order in the NOTES and make sure that they are attached in the last step of the order. We may overlook your comments if some of them are included in the order and some in three e-mails;)

6. We do not combine shipments of few orders.



1. We try to do everything as soon as possible :) We also try to be fair, so orders are carried out in sequence of placement.

2. Standard orders are usually shipped on the same or next day.

3. Individual products have the delivery time specified on the product card. For example, for engravers, personalized stickers and stamps it takes 5 working days. We usually make them faster, often in 2-3 days - but see point 1 :) We do everything according to the order of orders and it also depends on the amount of our work.



1. We accept your designs for engravers or you can use our designs.

2. If you want to prepare your design, it must be black and white, of good quality.

3. We accept files in the following formats: pdf, jpg, png, ai

4. When using our pattern bank, write EITHER in the comments OR in the e-mail, what names, texts to enter in the design.

5. In the e-mails, write the order number as the title. This significantly speeds up the verification of files, and thus the implementation of your order.