Below you will find our available patterns and all information.

  • Choose the product you are interested in with an engraving
  • Enter the type of pattern / font in the appropriate field and the text to be engraved in the second or attach your own file
  • Add to cart Wait for the courier :)




First of all, consider the SIZE of the product.

The smaller the engraving on it, the simpler it should be. Complicated patterns - wreaths, etc., will look great on large boxes, but will not work on cardboard packaging or velor folders.

The MATERIAL is also important - engravings on light wood will be the most detailed. On the other hand, dark wood or velor require thicker lines, so avoid very small inscriptions or detailed patterns. We recommend choosing:

Light wood - all patterns

Dark wood, cardboard and velor - simple patterns with thicker lines, little text

Pendrives - text (two, three words))




Check all of our designs available HERE




⭐️ prepare a file with a minimum size of 2000px on the short side
⭐️ we accept jpg, png and pdf
⭐️ the background must be white or transparent (what will not be engraved) and the pattern in shades of gray. What is black is engraved with the deepest laser. Grays - shallower. If it is just a lettering etc - the pattern should be black and white
⭐️ we adjust the size of the engraving to the boxes, so do not worry that it will not fit - we will scale it properly
⭐️ especially on pendrives, don't make to complicated design - after rescaling the pattern may appear tiny and not readable. Two words are fine. Two words plus a date will do too. You can go crazy on the boxes :)



⭐️ we make engravings from one piece. You can have a different design on each photobox or usb.
⭐️ you can send us your design (you can find below how to prepare it) or choose one from our collection (with your custom text)
⭐️ we adjust the size of the engraving to the size of the box (the engraving size is described in product details)
⭐️ the deadline is up to 5 business days, but we try to do it faster or even the fastest :) Some say that you click, make coffee, and the courier is already knocking ;)
⭐️ if we have doubts or questions, we contact you, so do not worry if you order for the first time :) You can also call / write and we will tell you everything :)
⭐️ the color of the engraving itself may vary on each box. The humidity of the wood, etc., affects what the laser does in that wood. So sometimes it is a bit darker or lighter. This is wood. Unique.
⭐️ we vectorize for free, so you don't need to be familiar with vectors. If you prepare the file according to our (simple) recommendations, we will take care of the rest :)