About us


On the occasion of Women's Day, it would probably be appropriate to show you our whole - typically female - team :)

If you're wondering who's taking your photos on wood, that's her! Justyna. Our youngest star in the team. She likes strong coffee with grounds, always comes to work without breakfast and does not close her mouth during work. His sense of humor brightens the whole DID even on the most cloudy day. Our company layman. She loves to pack everything cute and pink, so when she wraps packages in pink stretch she has a lot to be happy about.


And here is our second star. Eve.
He drinks from his favorite mug with a cat, he plans everything meticulously in his bullet journal, which he infects other people, loves colorful ribbons and pens, he will not leave home without coffee and after returning from work he returns to cuddle his two children, a dog and a husband :)
As a warm and caring person, she will always help you with engraving or stamp projects, and as a photographer, she will understand all your dilemmas and needs. Our strict mind at the post (mathematician by training!), When a creative storm takes us off the ground :)


Oasis of peace. A born organizer. She likes challenges, Italian sun, coffee with foam, and a lemon meringue tart can be cut. Asia! :)
Thanks to three kids, she became a fan of "Paw Patrol" and her life motto is "there is no problem that we will not solve". And that's what he does in Did Shop;)

(you noticed that our common denominator is probably coffee?).



Many of you know me (who has had the opportunity to go to the booth?). Paulina :)
A photographer, mother of two lovely kids, a stubborn optimist, walking ADHD sprinkling with ideas that will not be realized in a day. I always do my own thing and follow my heart. Idealist and dreamer in one word
Both the photography and the shop give me a space where I prove that it is possible to run a business according to my own rules - honestly, with a smile and for people. For you, in a word, my dear.


You've already met our team.
Now I wanted to write a few words about Did Shop itself .. About my vision of who he will become when he grows up
I started inconspicuously with a dream in my head and a lot of obstacles to overcome. A blonde, a dreamer in the business world, I wanted the photos to shine with full brilliance, so that people, when unpacking their prints or albums, would have a smile from ear to ear. Because what we do as photographers is important! It is beautiful and unusual!
I have always strived to build a company according to my vision - friendly, open, solid, which is like a friend. It makes your life easier, supports you, listens to you and develops with you.
Why did I introduce our team to you on Women's Day?
I think women are fantastic. We are creative, wise and resourceful. I have heard many times that I cannot do it, that it is impossible. You cannot run a business in Poland honestly, you cannot combine professional work with raising children, with personal development. And I did not agree with that. Deep down inside I felt that women can do a lot, and when they support each other, they can do almost anything.
I employ three fantastic women myself - one of them is a young Justyna (a terror of employers, one day she may want to start a family!), The next two are we have two and three kids. Was I afraid of layoffs, absences and disengagement? No. Why? Because I am a mother myself and I know that it requires me to be a great logistician, mediator, ambitious man, I train patience, openness and give me huge amounts of energy in the form of daily kisses

Women - we are great!

That is why I wish you and myself in this "women's week" - let's celebrate life. Let us never let ourselves be told that we cannot, that we cannot. We have tremendous potential.

Isn't it fantastic to be a woman?