Collection for girls


Hand up, who started the adventure with photography from children's photography?

I walked this path myself. In fact, I crawled it out, crouched it and ran out - photographing my toddler park :) This is also where the whole photographic adventure began, because if it weren't for the first smiles, I probably wouldn't have discovered my life passion :)
But these smiles have just started a whole new chapter in my life - I became a MOM and then a PHOTOGRAPHER. And I know what a wonderful and magical moment when a baby arrives in the world

I also know that for many parents it is an opportunity to make a photo session - and for you, dear photographers - it is an important, and sometimes the only specialization in activities.


During children's sessions, we try to ensure that everything is buttoned up - the room is warm, our hands are warm, it's time for the baby to feed .. And now we have a special MAGIC UNICORN collection for you to pack photos from children's sessions. You will find there both invitations to sessions (because these are often chosen as gifts for new parents), boxes for photos, CDs, and details such as stickers or labels.
Consistent packaging from the session will not only bring a smile to your customers' faces, but will also express your professionalism and care for every detail.


Regards, DID team