The moment of material transfer


Here comes the moment that our photos are ready to fly out into the world and hit the hands of customers. This is a very important moment, because now the entire service is being verified and, in short, the client sees the effects of our work. These effects include not only the photos themselves, but also the entire service process and the quality of cooperation. At every stage of contact with the client, we should take care of the atmosphere and professionalism, also emphasizing the value of our work. Today, a few words about how you can do it when you hand over the material.

It is worth making sure that the material handing over is "something more" than just handing over a handbag or a briefcase with photos, i.e. to build a customer experience. Then the effects of our work gain additional bonus points. You know - just like a product bought in an elegant store, which comes in a cardboard box, wrapped in tissue paper - I personally love this moment, then I feel like a kid during Christmas :) But to the point!


✔️ PERSONAL COLLECTION: - materials must be packed nicely (it's probably obvious) - we can have company bags prepared with a label (you can also discreetly stick a note there, whether the customer has paid the whole thing or has something to pay extra) - it is worth making sure that the whole thing is not done in flight, it's not mcdrive - we invite the client to sit down for a while - we bring the materials, put them on the table (it's good for the package to look "rich", i.e. not a pile, only one next to the other, evenly). The client is to see the effect of our work - and this effect is to make an impression :) - we review the photos with the clients - you can return to the emotions of that day (do you have an anecdote from the wedding day or session, something funny, touching, referring to the photos? For what? We lift emotions to a higher level, touch fond memories, thanks to which the reception of the whole thing is even better. - we exchange courtesies, we thank each other for cooperation, we say how nice it was to work with them. If we STILL do not agree to the publication, we can mention at this point that we care about it, because we worked with them very well, and the material reflects what we would like to show in the pictures - love, emotions, joy, intimacy (delete as appropriate , need to add) - if we want, we can add a discount voucher for the next session or a small bonus.

✔️ SHIPPING: The situation is different here, because the parcel must do everything you can in a personal meeting, or at least what it is capable of. You will not sit on the couch with them and show the album, but: - we pack everything really nice. Even prettier than for pickup in person. If an album is in a box, tissue paper, or a linen bag. If the prints are in a box. That is, each product in an additional packaging. Thanks to this, unpacking will take longer and the overall experience will be better. - in the collective package, in addition to the main content (album, prints), we put something from each other, e.g. a small gift (depending on the size of the package, it can be a small thing, sweetness or a miniature album or other photoproduct such as a photo on wood) - put it in thank you card for customers. ALWAYS sign in person, - after sending, when we know that the parcel has arrived, it is worth calling and asking if the customers received the package - I do some of the work that we would do in a personal meeting (anecdote, thanks, etc.)



Remember that our products are designed to help you at this stage.
"We help memory keepers"
You will find everything with us:
- handbags
- photo boxes
- labels
- thanks for your cooperation
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We wish you creative use of them :)

Regards, DIDSHOP team