Wedding sesion


"I'm looking for a photographer for a wedding" - this is probably the most common phrase in wedding groups :) And everyone agrees that this is one of the main opportunities to work with a photographer - for many couples the first in their lives.

However, I always strongly encourage couples to the engagement session. Why?

1. A session for lovers is a great moment for the couple to get used to the camera and the way the photographer works. There is no more stage fright on the wedding day.
2. It is much freer in its course. You can implement crazy ideas, refer to a hobby or a first date place. Not everything can be realized later on the occasion of the wedding. Not everything fits the white dress and the more dignified nature of the occasion :) And during the session for lovers - you can fully express yourself :)
3. This is a great opportunity to prepare the so-called "Save the date", ie pre-wedding notifications or decorations for the wedding hall, and even thanks to parents and grandparents.

It is for such sessions that we have prepared our new LOVE LETTERS collection. It is light, full of humor and love. It will perfectly emphasize the nature of the session for lovers. You will find in it not only a set of products for packing photos for a couple - packaging for CDs and DVDs, stickers, labels, matching bags, envelopes or box inserts to unify the whole - but also a novelty - matching the set of invitations to the session. Build your brand :) Make WOW!

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