Folder 15x23 with Winter print

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Folder 15x23cm with print, with the possibility of personalization.


Make your photos stand out

Envelopes (folders) for photos are perfect if you have a dozen or several dozen prints from the session to give away. It is a ready-made package, folded and glued, closed with self-adhesive velcro, which allows for trouble-free opening and closing many times, and will keep all photos in place (velcro included with each folder).


Your logo/inscription

How to order packaging with your logo or other personalized pattern?

⭐️ choose personalization option "yes"

⭐️ add your text in the appropriate field

⭐️ or attach your personalization pattern above, e.g. logo (as pdf, jpg, or greyscale png) The lettering or pattern submitted will be placed on the basic pattern INSTEAD of visible lettering. The delivery time for a personalized order is up to 5 working days.


How many photos can you put

This envelope holds up to 50 - 15x21 or 15x23 prints.



The folder is made as follows:

  • cardboard body of the envelope
  • printed pattern on the flap (with the option of personalization)
  • Velcro closure (easy to open and close multiple times)



  • many designs to choose from
  • personalization option
  • makes the photos stand out beautifully
  • product ready to use, no gluing or assembly required
  • patterns match the collection, match them with accessories such as stickers, labels, etc.