Mini-accordition Album 15x23 cm white

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Mini-accordition Album 15x23 cm white, two segments.

Mini-accordition album for 15x21 cm and 15x23 cm prints.


It consists of the following segments:

1. Cover: rectangular window for a print or other graphic

2. First page after unfolding: pocket for additional prints or DVD (will hold up to 10 additional prints).

3. The second page after unfolding: decorative window for the print.


Thus, the album will hold for example:

- graphic in the cover, DVD and one print

- 2 prints and a DVD

- up to 10 prints with a DVD

- up to 12 photos without a DVD (10 prints in the pocket + 2 in the windows).


You decide! :)


Made of: matt white paper 200g.

Custom design: No